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March 2021 – ‘Movement’

All images are Copyright of the named Photographer and shall not be used without written permission or consent.
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  1. ‘Ibis in Flight’ by Bill Ilic
  2. ‘Title tbc’ by Graham McAuslane
  3. ‘Wellington Dam’ by Graham McAuslane
  4. ‘Title tbc’ by Graham McAuslane
  5. ‘Foliage with Flash’ by Graham McAuslane
  6. ‘Autumn Sunset’ by Alice Love, at Surfers Point
  7. ‘Umbrella in the Wind” by Graham McAuslane
  8. ‘Silver’ by Robert Booth, at Gnarabup
  9. ‘Surfer’ by Alice Love, at Surfers Point
  10. ‘Beach’ by Robert Booth, at Gnarabup
  11. ‘Flow’ by Robert Booth, at Yalgardup Falls
  12. ‘Bubbles’ by Lynne Warren
  13. ‘Icicles’ by Lynne Warren
  14. ‘Wake’ by Lynne Warren

March 2021 – ‘Open

Each month our members are invited to share images and the story behind them.

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